Monday, April 27, 2009

Thing 35: Books 2.0

I love the fact that I have 15 digital books on my Palm that save my place so I can start where I left off. My IPod has digital books from Audible so that when I walk I can plug into books. My observation of people at work is that the book is alive and well; everyone reads on their breaks and lunches. The library was always the gathering place for people to gather and discuss ideas, and yes, books. I think digital media enhances our reading experience for the better. I had college students that were absolutely dumbfounded that they could tap into the digital books online to read or research. I love the fact that the digital book has full search ability by key word or phrase. Fantastic. I can hardly wait for the Kindle to be available in color! I've tapped into LibraryThing and Shelfari and linked them to my blog and FaceBook. I added WorldCat and shared all the neat features with my students. Sites where group discussions of books take place are similar to the discussions we have around the dinner table with our adult children. Fun!

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