Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Database Basics Workshops

Each semester our library provides research training for our English 102 students preparing to write their required research paper. This semester we created an online sign-up form that made contacting the students much easier. Communication with both students and faculty has been superb. Introducing the wealth of information that our students have available both on and off campus is one of the enjoyable duties that I have each semester. We set aside time for 28 workshops over a 2-week period and staff the sessions with librarians who enjoy the challenge. We are now down to the last 2 days. Fall 2011 has been a success and I look forward to recording the stats. The next added value will be a rubric to track use of resources used in the papers. Maybe next semester.


Study like a Scholar

Happy Birthday, Darrell

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Cynthia's Apartment

Cynthia's Apartment


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