Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thing 31 More Twitter

What fun! I added the Firefox add-ons Twitbin, Twitter Fox, and Power Twitter. Excellent! I had already linked Twitter to my blog, but now I have added Twitterfeed to link my blog to Twitter. I had already added Twitter to Facebook, but now I've also linked my update to Twitter. Fun stuff! I tried the TweetSnap, but prefer my Twitter Updates that I linked months ago; it is cleaner looking. I added BeTwittered to my homepage and love it! I could spend hours checking out all the possibilities. I added my name to the Twitter Directory under librarians.

I think I'm at the Conversing stage and enjoy the process and looking forward to expanding further. Twitter is another connection to other people and ideas. I receive my Tweets on my phone and love the fact that I can stay connected even at work where our personal use of the computers is restricted during working hours!

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