Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thing 24 Refresh my blog

I changed the template on my blog to one I really like! It has more room with a cleaner line. My avatar was easy to change into a classy pantsuit at the airport - I love it! I changed my profile to reflect the fact that I'm looking for a new position. Changing the color to pink every chance I get is fun and makes me happy in the winter thinking about the pastels of spring.


I'm trying to think ahead about what we would take if we had to move from Minnesota. While making the list, I'm easily distracted to do something else. Hence writing in this blog. This is a difficult time in our lives : wanting to stay here in MN in our home and near our children and grandchildren, but knowing that we need jobs. One position will be near our oldest daughter - she would like us to come and join her, but both of us need jobs. Another possibility would take us to a place we've never been, but has positions for both of us in the academic world. We shall see. Until then, I better get back to sorting out our lives and deciding what would go and what we can part with in the event that we'll have to sell and move. Decisions, decisions .........

Saturday, January 17, 2009


We had a wonderful visit with our daughter while interviewing for jobs on campus at BJU. They have a Reference Librarian available for me, but Dave's possibilities are still pending. We shall see. I would have liked to have stayed in the sunny south while Dave came back home, but married couples of 38 years don't usually do that :-). Cynthia and I would have had a blast during our down times. Alas, we're back in the Tundra of Minnesota and glad that we're in the southern part of the state!!! We're interviewing locally and in Arizona while praying for wisdom as to what and where God has positions for us. We'd love to be near our daughter, but both of us need positions in order for that to work. We're looking in town as well as on campus. Decisions, decisions!!


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Happy Birthday, Darrell

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Cynthia's Apartment


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