Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thing 47 Evaluation

I'm delighted that I took time to finish the More Things on a Stick before moving next Tuesday. It has been a delightful experience of learning tools that will benefit me in my new position as Reference Librarian in a much larger school. As I shared with a friend just minutes ago, we are just a plane ride away from our beloved Minnesota and our many friends and family who we are leaving behind. I'm glad we have ways of keeping in contact virtually. Have a fabulous summer and we'll be back during Christmas vacation.

Thing 46 WJMN

I've had my membership for a while. I tried to change my email from the email that will disappear mid-August, but at some point, I must have another identity in WJ with my Charter email. The course availability is welcome for growth in librarianship.

Thing 45 Cloud Computing

I've used Cloud Computing when working on the yearbook. All work for the yearbook was created from any computer, but saved on servers elsewhere. It was fantastic. The students were able to work from home or anywhere. The big issue is trusting the company to protect your information. I set up a account and will load items to access anywhere. Since I'm a Macintosh user, I'll watch my files carefully.

Thing 44 The economy

I appreciated Frugal Dad and already do many of his suggestions. I've registered for the Frugal Dad forum and look forward to many more hints. Since our school closed at the end of December and we without 2 salaries, we had personal experience at cutting back and living frugally. Our children are moving into our house to maintain it, so we don't have to sell in this sad economy. We will be back at Christmas to visit grandchildren and children!

Thing 43 Online TV and Video

I created a Hulu account and was amazed at the ease and speed of viewing a movie via the web. The letterbox viewing is fab! I like the fact that one can go in and view an episode that one has missed; what a nice benefit. A drawback would be the addictive nature of continually having a video or TV available! Sometimes I just like to listen to the dialogue, and can do that while doing other things. I set up a queue for viewing House episodes.

Hulu allows connection to other sites, and I shared a hippo video on my FB that shows that hippos like their space!!

Thing 42 Music 2.0

I've been listening to radio via Internet for several years and love the versatility. I have both a Pandora and account. When we moved here from SC, we missed our WMUU FM classical music station and were delighted when we were again able to listen via web.

Thing 41 Mashup Your Life

I set up a LifeStream account and will try it. After the initial set-up, it seems to work well.

Thing 40 Mash-Up the Web

I'm listening to KingSingers on Pandora and love it! I checked out the Lunchbox,, Interestingness, Flickr Memari, and let me Google that for you. The best is Pandora.

I used Bubblr and loved the ease of adding a cartoon caption to any picture:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing 39 Digital Storytelling

As a yearbook adviser, I've used yearbook programs to create books for the past 11 years. For this thing, I used Smile Box to create a book to commemorate our Library Open House June 17, 2008 exactly one year ago.

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Study like a Scholar

Happy Birthday, Darrell

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